Coffee Culture is here to stay

  Coffee culture is here to stay on the British high street. You’d be hard pressed to go into a cafe nowadays and just order a coffee, without specifying if you’d like a skinny latte, americano or mocha. Shot of vanilla with that? In order to satisfy the sophisticated palates of customers, vending machines need […]


How to keep school children hydrated

As adults we know how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. How though, do we ensure that children learn the benefits of drinking regularly? Evidence suggests incorporating healthy drinks into their daily lives benefits both the physical wellbeing of children and also their mental alertness. Dr Emma Derbyshire from Manchester Metropolitan University in […]


Triathlon Sponsorship – Livewell Vending

Looking to set yourself a New Year healthy living challenge? Here at Livewell, we’re delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the inaugural Harrogate Triathlon, taking place in May 2014. Appealing to anyone wishing to participate in a more active lifestyle, the triathlon will include a Try-a-Tri event consisting of a 180m swim, a […]


Is sugar the new tobacco?

As a pioneering company who is championing a new era in healthier snacks and drinks, I wanted to share this very recent article with you. We’re a nation of snackers but that doesn’t mean we can’t choose more nourishing and healthier options. Sugar is a major cause of obesity and also increases the risk of […]


A revolution in lifestyle vending

The start of 2014 sees a well- established Leeds based company, The School Drinks Company re-launching it’s products and services under the new name ‘Livewell Vending’. Traditional vending machines have only ever been good for quick, sugary fixes and less-than-appealing drink options. No longer. This is a new era for convenient drinks and snacks, and […]


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