Livewell Vending stations: Just the right size!

French TGV trains have been in the news this week as news spread that a new batch of trains ordered are actually too wide to fit through the rural stations which they are meant to serve, resulting in estimated station rebuild costs of €50million. Whilst thankfully we don’t have to deal with a miscalculation on […]


Livewell asks ‘Should council-run leisure centres offer a broader portfolio of snacks? ‘

Is it time for our local councils to step up to the mark and offer a broader portfolio of healthy snacks, giving more choice to consumers? Here at Livewell, we often hear from parents who are frustrated at the lack of choice available to them in vending machines at leisure centres. Whilst appreciating the occasional […]


Further education into Livewell Vending

Has it really only been a few months since the rebranding of Livewell and all the ensuing developments here at Livewell HQ? In early January 2014, we launched our new-look Livewell website, with the four ‘Stations’ – Active, Hydration, Snack and Healthy – as well as our Small Space Coffee Shop. The relaunch built on […]


Lifestyle refreshment – what does it mean?

Here at Livewell, we’re proud to offer ‘smart lifestyle choices’ but what does the phrase actually mean for today’s consumers? The refreshment needs of busy ‘on-the-go’ consumers will vary through the day. Whilst at breakfast time a commuter may look for a slow release porridge bar washed down with an Espresso, that same consumer may […]


Modern, Interactive Retail Solutions – from Livewell Vending, Leeds

2014 is gearing up to be an exciting year for Livewell, following our successful rebranding earlier this year. We’re delighted to present our new video showcasing our distinctive brand of lifestyle refreshment options. View the video by clicking on this link: Livewell video Accompanied by catchy music and attractive visuals, the new video will take […]


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