Livewell vending flying high at Red Kite Day 3

The Red Kite Alliance is a partnership of schools and institutions across Yorkshire and the Humber sharing information, skills and expertise to improve learning in schools across the region. With partners including primary and secondary schools, as well as higher education institutions, the alliance offers a range of training, support, research and development for teaching […]


Red Kite Alliance schools make vending a soaring success!

The excellent relationship which has been created between Livewell® and members of the Red Kite Alliance was further consolidated with recent visits to secondary schools by the Livewell® team. Harrogate Grammar School and Rossett School are leading figures in the Red Kite Alliance, a partnership of schools and institutions sharing skills, expertise and experience in […]


  Our last blog about the ethos of Livewell® and how we support our community got us all fired up; now we’d like to shine a light on the work of some of our suppliers and the work they themselves do to support good causes. As well as producing tasty goodies to stock our four […]


The Livewell® ethos

The ethos of Livewell® has been a hot topic recently at our headquarters. Our growing business of supplying customers with a range of snacks, enabling them to make smart lifestyle choices is underpinned by a commitment to an ethos, a way of life as it were. Whilst thinking big in terms of expanding our business, […]


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