Vending Machines to help your New Year’s Resolution

As we near the end of 2014 and start to think about what changes we might implement in the New Year many of us look to our health.  Maybe your plan is to eat more fruit or give up chocolate (or maybe just eat less of it). A new vending machine that uses facial recognition […]


Livewell installs latest vending technology across new sites

Livewell Vending is following up on the installation of the latest vending equipment at some of our top education sites. We are awaiting  two more Merchant Media machines to install as Livewell Snack Stations for combined court locations in Yorkshire and the North East. The machines supplied by Crane Merchandising Systems will be placed in waiting […]


Talk to Livewell – for coffee machines that are out of this world?

A space-rated espresso machine has just been delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) so astronauts can get a cup of zero-gravity coffee. The specially designed machine overcomes the absence of gravity by firing pressurised water through a capsule of ground coffee. The resulting drink is pumped into another plastic pouch and the astronaut drinks […]


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