Livewell Vending – Coffee Machines for almost any “Space”

In the week that UK astronaut Tim Peake launched into space and boarded the International Space Station (ISS) I was reminded about the coffee machine that has been operating on board for the last 12 months. Last December, a space-rated espresso machine was sent to the ISS so astronauts could grab a fresh cup of […]


Livewell Small Space Coffee Shop – a symbol of generosity?

In Western society we are quickly adopting a “coffee culture.”  Many of us now drink fresh coffee on a regular basis and are demanding higher quality in terms of taste. For some cultures, coffee is more than just a drink. Serving coffee is an important aspect of hospitality in Arab societies and considered a ceremonial […]


Livewell shares the 5 Best Healthy Options in the Vending Machine

When trying to follow a healthy eating plan the options for snacking can be tricky. We are so used to grabbing a calorie loaded bag of crisps or chocolate bar from a traditional vending machine that finding something tasty that allows you to still eat well can be a challenge. The solution is the Livewell […]


Livewell – Bringing the Barista to Breaktimes

Here in the UK we are now so used to grabbing a great tasting coffee whilst out and about from one of the many independent of chain high street coffee shops that our demand for a good quality Barista –style coffee in the workplace is on the up. At Livewell we have been busy placing […]


Livewell investigate innovation at AVEX 2015

Livewell Vending are excited to be shortlisted as a finalist in two categories at the prestigious industry awards The Vendies.  The winners will be announced next week at the end of AVEX 2015. We believe our modern, innovative approach to vending, which offers a range of healthy drinks and snacks, and allows customers to use cashless payment systems […]


Livewell Hydration Stations meet demand for great cold drinks

Livewell® has been working within the secondary schools sector for many years.  Our message is that young people must stay hydrated in order to be able to apply themselves to their studies throughout the day. And as the weather warms up we see a growing demand for cold drinks from our Hydration Stations. Our cold […]


Livewell double finalists in Vendies 2015

Livewell Vending has been shortlisted in not one but two categories at The Vendies 2015 – the Vending Industry Awards. This is the first time Livewell have entered the Vendies so it is a huge achievement to be a finalist in both the Best Newcomer and Best Operating Company categories. Organised by Datateam Business Media – […]


A proper cup of Coffee – from Livewell Vending

The UK is turning into a nation of coffee drinkers – with over 70 million cups consumed every day it looks like our craving for lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos is here to stay. In order to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated palates of customers, vending machines need to provide the same quality of drinks that can […]


Livewell Vending in a cashless society

We are moving ever closer to a cashless society. According to figures from the British Retail Consortium, cash use has fallen by 14% in the last five years and some experts predict that physical currency may not even exist in another 20 years. And the same goes for the rest of the world.  In Sweden […]


Livewell rounds up a successful Nutrition & Hydration Week 2015

As Nutrition and Hydration Week 2015 comes to a close we have read with interest about the wide range of activities that have been taking place in hospital and healthcare setting the length and breadth of the UK.  And it doesn’t end there, Nutrition and Hydration week has also been celebrated around the rest of […]


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