Inspired by the World Cup? Here’s Why You Should Start Playing Team Sports

Playing sport isn’t just a great way to get some exercise and stay fit, it can also help us make friends and teach us new skills. And team sports, especially, can have an incredibly positive impact on us in terms of learning transferable skills. When you play team sports, you realise that it doesn’t just […]


Six Benefits of Playing Tennis

tennis ball - health benefits of playing tennis

Whether you’re playing in a local club or just hitting a ball around your back garden, tennis is a brilliant activity for all ages, not least because it’s great for keeping in shape. Now that Wimbledon’s officially back, it’s time to dust of your racquet and get back onto the court, but not before a […]


How We’re Helping NHS Staff Make Healthier Choices

Employee wellbeing is high on business agendas and more than ever employers are taking the initiative to look after their staff. This is especially true for the NHS right now, where Public Health England estimated the cost of sickness absence to the healthcare provider in 2015 was £2.4bn. Further to this, an NHS staff survey […]


How To Boost Your Brain Power On The Go

There is a proven link between how our brains function and the food we eat. What we put into our bodies affects things like how easy we find learning new information, how well our memories perform, and how we feel emotionally so it’s vital to ensure we’re eating and drinking a regular supply of essential […]


The Importance of Staying Hydrated During Exam Season

It’s exam season, and students across the country are busy cramming for the most important tests of the school year. It’s a stressful time for many pupils, and can often lead to increased fatigue and irregular eating and drinking habits. It’s crucial that while students are sitting their exams they are encouraged to take care […]


National Walking Month: 7 Benefits of Walking Every Day

National Walking Month - benefits of walking every day

May is National Walking Month, an initiative started by Living Streets, a UK-based charity whose mission is to get everyone walking more. As a nation, we’re all walking a third less today than we did 20 years ago. This isn’t just detrimental to our physical health, it also affects our mental health and gives us […]


A new era for drinks and snacks

Traditional vending machines have only ever been good for quick, sugary fixes and less-than-appealing drink options. No longer. This is a new era for convenient drinks and snacks, and we’re setting the standard.


Coffee Vending Machine Leeds

Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee Machine Vending Leeds is enjoying a boom as the cafe culture rises. Coffee shops have appeared on every high street and coffee on the go has become the norm in today’s busy lifestyle. If you have a retail unit with even just a small amount of space we have an impressive coffee vending machine […]


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