Helping schools implement COVID-19 safety measures

VendSafe - safe catering solutions for schools from Livewell

It started with schools We set up Livewell back in 2006 following the Jamie Oliver school dinner revolution because we wanted to offer schools an easy way to provide healthy snacks and drinks to their pupils. We knew that modern vending machines were a great solution – quick, simple and easy to monitor. And able […]


Think inside the bubble

Think inside the bubble to make your workplace Covid-19 safe

This week we’ve seen many businesses open up again in response to the easing of lockdown restrictions. But the return to work – whether shop, office or school – is far from normal. With social distancing still in place, one-way systems, floor signs and Perspex barriers are now part of this so-called “new normal”. And […]


Safe spaces

Creating safe catering spaces with Livewell

In the last couple of months, “safe” has become one of the most used words. “Stay safe” is the new goodbye. We’ve all learnt two metres is a “safe distance”. Implementing “safety measures” is now part of every business strategy. And rightly so. None of us have had to deal with a global pandemic before […]


Time for a treat

Treat boxes from Livewell Direct

Let’s be honest, we could all do with a bit of a treat right now. It’s been a challenging few weeks and even as lockdown eases, many of us have questions about what the future holds. For us here at Livewell, we’ve had to adapt – and adapt quickly. But as the quote goes, “adversity […]


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