VendSafe Our stations are low touch, low contact and low stress… safe vending at its best.

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Our machines provide everything but the barista.

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School Vending

We began working with schools when kids’ nutrition was under the spotlight, post-Jamie Oliver, so we’ve lots of experience in this sector. Our School Stations offer a range of healthy refreshments to keep kids energised and alert – and are popular with staff and visitors too. As an extra service point for those busy break times, our stations can generate added income.

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Universities / colleges

College and university students are a typically discerning bunch. They expect access to a good range of refreshments at all times of day and night, and the kind of quality that’s going to sustain them through long hours of study. Our FE Stations meet their every need.

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Visitors, patients, medical specialists and staff. That’s a broad customer base with diverse needs and expectations. Our Healthcare Stations provide the quality and choice you’d expect in places devoted to health and wellbeing. What we offer is leagues ahead of older, more traditional vending machines.

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Business and industry

Employee wellbeing is high on business agendas and more then ever, employers are taking the initiative to look after their staff. Our healthy, quality refreshments match the tastes and expectations of workers in a range of industries. Just the thing for productivity and morale.

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Bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, athletes. Every gym-goer has unique goals as well as diverse nutritional requirements. From recovery shakes and protein snacks to sports waters and skinny lattes, our refreshments are ideal pick-me-ups for people who watch what, when and how they eat.

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Travel and leisure

Shoppers and travellers cover every age and demographic. What they all have in common is a need for delicious, energising refreshments. Our Retail stations are designed to meet these wide-ranging requirements. Best of all they generate extra revenue from small or limited spaces.

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Vending For Every Occasion

VendSafe Our stations are low touch, low contact and low stress… safe vending at its best

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Introducing Livewell Direct

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About Livewell

Wellbeing meets vending

Traditional vending machines have only ever been good for quick, sugary fixes and less-than-appealing drink options. No longer. This is a new era for convenient drinks and snacks, and we’re setting the standard.

We believe people on-the-go deserve an inspiring range of refreshments that tick all the boxes for quality. So we’re bringing the world of vending up to speed with the innovative pace of retail. We call it Vetail®. It’s less about vending and more about smart lifestyle choices.

What we do

We supply and operate a portfolio of vending stations for a range of environments. Whatever your sector, we’ve got a vending station to suit. Each one is packed with great quality refreshments, and powered by cutting edge technology for a smooth-running service. Features include touchscreen menus, nutritional information, cashless payment options, smartphone interface and wireless stock reporting. Everything’s designed with the modern consumer in mind.

Why Livewell?

A well-balanced product range

We’re a nation of snackers. Busy ones at that. Even though our lifestyles demand a more flexible approach to eating and drinking, this shouldn’t mean scrimping on quality. As snacking accounts for 25% of our daily calorie count, we offer nourishing, satisfying choices so that people can snack without compromise.

A retail experience

Thanks to technology, we can leave traditional vending in the past. Outmoded equipment, processes and systems have made way for a more contemporary, enjoyable experience. With features such as touchscreen menus, nutritional information and smartphone interface, we can satisfy the expectations of discerning consumers everywhere.

A standout brand

First impressions count. We’ve made sure the branding, design and appearance of our units complement any environment. The colourful designs include positive messaging to inform and appeal to consumers – even those who don’t usually use vending machines.

Down to business

We’re flexible. We offer a fully managed service with generous profit shares. Alternatively you can buy or lease the stations and we can help out with wholesale supplies and maintenance.




Mark Timmerman

Managing Director, Mellors Catering Services

“Livewell have been a key vending partner to Mellors for over seven years, supplying and operating vending services at various Mellors college/school and work place catering operations. They continue to be a quality supplier. Livewell have shown innovation and effective support to aid Mellors in our business activities, whist giving our customers great products and service.”

Steve Howell

Finance Director, Harrogate Grammar School

“Livewell installed six vending stations all stocking healthy food and drink choices. They have supplied high quality equipment and technical support, including integration with the cashless catering. These additional service points have been very popular with students and have delivered significant incremental revenue to the catering service”.

Ron Parry

Principal Catering Officer at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

“Supplying vending services to Local Authority locations, the vending range and service from Livewell has helped to deliver the healthy options that many sites are now requesting.”

Dave Noble

Business Manager, Temple Moor High School and Science College

"Unlike traditional vending, Livewell’s Station’s offer a broader range of products that help meet the specific health and wellbeing needs of our Education sites. Their Hydration Station has a great range of healthy choices to meet all tastes and makes it quick and easy for pupils to get a drink, whilst at the same time generating a commission for the school."

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