National Walking Month: 7 Benefits of Walking Every Day

National Walking Month - benefits of walking every day

May is National Walking Month, an initiative started by Living Streets, a UK-based charity whose mission is to get everyone walking more.

As a nation, we’re all walking a third less today than we did 20 years ago. This isn’t just detrimental to our physical health, it also affects our mental health and gives us fewer opportunities to reap the benefits of walking every day.

Now the evenings are lighter and summer’s definitely on the way, it’s even easier to incorporate walking into your daily life. It can seem like a big step, though, when many of us are so used to relying on our cars or public transport to get us from A to B.

That’s why we decided to put together a few benefits of walking every day to hopefully inspire you to stroll your way into summer and start taking advantage of the positive ways walking can benefit our lives.

7 Benefits of Walking Every Day

It keeps you fit: Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first! A brisk walk that makes you warm and raises your heart rate is a brilliant form of aerobic exercise. Walking every day (and feeling slightly out of breath while doing it) will help keep you fitter, making it easy to be more active in the long run.

It lifts your mood: Having a bad day? Walking can actually help. In fact, walking for just 12 minutes can be a powerful mood lifter. Maybe it’s the fact that it gets your heart beating a little faster, releasing those all-important endorphins, maybe it’s being outside whatever the weather. Either way, going for a walk is a sure-fire way to feel a little bit happier every day.

It enhances creativity: stuck for an idea? Head out for a walk around the block, or even the office. Walking is a great way to get those creative juices flowing and improve both convergent and divergent thinking.

It burns calories: The amount of calories you can realistically burn by walking every day varies hugely depending on your weight, but if you walk briskly for 30 minutes at about 4 miles per hour you could burn up to 150 calories. That might seem like a small amount, but any exercise is better than none at all, especially if you can find a way of incorporating walking naturally into your every day life by walking to work or school.

It’s great for your mental health: Let’s not forget the non-physical benefits of walking every day. Studies have suggested that not only can walking improve your mood, it can also reduce stress and provide mental and emotional satisfaction.

It improves your sleep: we all know how important it is to get a solid eight hours of sleep each night. In reality, though, we all probably stay up later than we ought to and getting an early night is easier said that done. Thankfully, if you’re planning on walking more often, you can look forward to not just longer sleeps but a better quality of sleep. Win win!

It’s better for the environment: Walking instead of driving means you’re reducing the amount of pollution released into the air, helping increase the quality of the air and helping out the environment in the process.

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