Livewell Vending in a cashless society

We are moving ever closer to a cashless society.

According to figures from the British Retail Consortium, cash use has fallen by 14% in the last five years and some experts predict that physical currency may not even exist in another 20 years.

And the same goes for the rest of the world.  In Sweden over 85% of ALL transactions are made electronically and in countries within Africa, Latin America and South East Asia, where they have embraced mobile technology the move to cashless is also growing.

At Livewell Vending, we have a keen interest in using innovations like cashless payment systems to ensure we keep pace with the rest of the retail sector. To make sure that our vending thrives in a cashless society all Livewell Vending stations are available with cash and cashless payment options.

Schools throughout the UK are already embracing cashless payment systems in order to remove the need for students to carry money with them for essential daily purchases such as food and drink.  Livewell Vending are working with school cashless suppliers, including NRS and CRB, to successfully integrate our vending stations with a variety of school cashless systems, including biometric and swipe cards.

Gyms are also great places for vending to be successful. Our Active Station offers products for a broad cross-section of active lifestyles and training needs, from muscle recovery aids to performance snacks and drinks.  Many gym users no longer carry cash around, apart from the question of security,  we have come to depend on the convenience of cards.  By adding contactless, chip and swipe technology as well as coin operation to our Active Station all options  are covered.  



Vending stations from Livewell Vending can help your organisation provide 24/7 access to cold drinks, hot drinks and snacks. Vending can offer a complimentary point of sale to any existing catering provision – or work on a stand alone basis in workplaces with no on-site catering.  Through our generous royalty system, vending can also add an additional revenue stream to your business.

To talk to Livewell about our range of vending stations please contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator,  Tel: 01423 876352


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