Coffee Culture is here to stay


Coffee culture is here to stay on the British high street. You’d be hard pressed to go into a cafe nowadays and just order a coffee, without specifying if you’d like a skinny latte, americano or mocha. Shot of vanilla with that? In order to satisfy the sophisticated palates of customers, vending machines need to provide customers with the high level of quality they seek on the high street. The machines need to recreate a café experience, providing customers with everything but a barista.


At Livewell, all our coffee drinks are made using Café Nueva brands. The high-quality brand includes a range of instant, roast and ground products and Café Nueva coffee products are now available to buy in leading supermarkets including Waitrose and Booths. We have the same high standards when it comes to sourcing our milk; the milk in our drinks is provided by Milfresh, the UK brand leader in granulated skimmed milk. Made from dried liquid milk, we know that the milk in our drink contains all the creaminess and full-bodied flavour you’d expect and tastes as good as the real thing.


We offer a choice of three stations to meet your vending requirements, including the larger full height unit ‘Tower Solution’. Alternatively, the ever popular ‘Medium Sized Unit’ is a more compact stand-alone unit featuring a fully interactive display screen. If space is at a premium, ‘The Small Table Top’ could be the ideal solution, delivering high-quality coffee shop style drinks without sacrificing on space.


As well as offering a range of coffee choices, our ‘Small Space Coffee Shop’ features a selection of teas, decaffeinated drinks and hot chocolate.  And given that we also offer a choice of vanilla and hazelnut syrups, there’s no compromising on your coffee experience.


For further information on Livewell Vending contact either Aaron Prout, MD on 07817 892830 or Liz Hines, Business Manager on 01423 876352 or email today.


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