Helping schools implement COVID-19 safety measures

VendSafe - safe catering solutions for schools from Livewell

It started with schools

We set up Livewell back in 2006 following the Jamie Oliver school dinner revolution because we wanted to offer schools an easy way to provide healthy snacks and drinks to their pupils. We knew that modern vending machines were a great solution – quick, simple and easy to monitor. And able to supply a wide range of items to suit every taste and dietary requirement.

But what we didn’t know then was just how crucial vending would become in giving schools a safe way to provide refreshments in a pandemic.

Helping schools implement COVID-19 safety measures

Schools are now under huge pressure to find ways to allow the safe return of pupils. And this includes how to provide food and drink safely.

We know that break and lunchtime queues were already a challenge in many schools. So in the COVID-19 context, schools need to embrace more radical thinking for catering. Extra options, such as pre-ordering, takeaway, and grab and go, are now essential.

And vending lends itself perfectly to the safe provision of refreshments.

Drinks and snacks are stored in a temperature-controlled, hygienic environment behind a glass screen.

There’s no person-to-person contact, nor any staff needed to run a station. Orders are made via a wipe clean touch screen and integrated with the school’s cashless payment system.

Stations can be spread about the site to reduce congestion.  Plus social distancing floor stickers and hand sanitiser units remind pupils to follow safety guidelines.

We call it VendSafevending machine selling deathly cold drinks in schools

Our mission remains the same. To help schools find ways to provide students with an easy way to access the food and drink they need. With Livewell’s vending
stations, there are no upfront costs and the school earns extra income from every item purchased – everyone wins.

And today, the benefits of modern vending are even greater. We’ve made sure our stations are low touch, low contact and low stress… safe vending at its best. We call it VendSafe.

Find out more or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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