How To Boost Your Brain Power On The Go

There is a proven link between how our brains function and the food we eat. What we put into our bodies affects things like how easy we find learning new information, how well our memories perform, and how we feel emotionally so it’s vital to ensure we’re eating and drinking a regular supply of essential nutrients.

That said, when we’re stressed by exams, work, or other life events, it can be tempting to reach straight for the coffee and processed foods which provide a “quick hit” sugar rush. Instead, we should be eating nutrient-rich, brain food snacks that boost our memory and overall health.

Here are a few snacks you can enjoy on the go that’ll help boost your brain power:

Dark chocolate: It might not be as moorish as milk chocolate, but when it comes to nutrition the dark stuff is the way to go. Packed full of flavonols and antioxidant-rich cacao (both of which combat cognitive decline) and a little caffeine, dark chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up for tired brains.

Nuts: Your brain needs vitamin E to stave off declining cognitive functions and nuts are packed full of it, from cashews and walnuts, to almonds and pecans! Choose a handful of your favourite or grab a fruit and nut bar if you’re on the go.

Popcorn: Thought popcorn was just a delicious cinema snack? Think again. There are lots of health benefits associated with this air-popped food that many people haven’t heard of. Popcorn not only contains whole grain which increases good cholesterol levels and improves blood flow to the brain, it is also high in vitamin B6 which ensures proper communication between your brain cells.

Oats: Whether you eat oats in your cereal or in a cereal bar, you’re doing your brain and your body a favour. Unlike sugary cereals that lead to sudden spikes in energy followed by a crash in bloody sugar levels, oats contain sugars that are released into the bloodstream slowly for sustained energy release. Because of this, they’re one of the best sources of long lasting energy around!

Seeds: Want to reduce your stress levels? Munch on some sunflower seeds. These magic kernels give your body a dose of soothing tryptophan, an amino acid that helps reduce anxiety and stress. Need to enhance your thinking skills? Grab a handful of pumpkin seeds which are packed with zinc, an important mineral for boosting your memory. Just what you need during exam season!

Snacking accounts for a quarter of our daily calorie intake, so why not offer your students or employees a range of delicious snacks and drinks that taste great and do you go, include free-from options, slow release carbs, and high protein choices. Find out more here.

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