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Livewell® has been working within the secondary schools sector for many years.  Our message is that young people must stay hydrated in order to be able to apply themselves to their studies throughout the day.

Our Hydration Station is a popular choice for schools, often sited in the main dining room it reinforces the important message to stay hydrated and has an uplifting blue sky design, aimed to encourage consumers to Hydrate, Refresh and Awaken.

It allows students access to drinks at any time of the day and can deal with the increased demand at peak times (lunch/breaks).  And because we offer a royalty scheme, our schools earn money from our ‘Stations’; offering them another revenue stream to complement their current catering services.

Hydration, a balanced diet and regular exercise are key elements to a healthy lifestyle.

As adults we at Livewell HQ try to incorporate exercise into our day and stay fit by going to the gym, running or attending local classes (some do this better than others – Livewell MD Aaron Prout is a keen triathlete!).  We also encourage our own children to do the same and often spend our weekends by the pool, football pitch or in the dance studio. Livewell® are also proud to sponsor a local youth football team.

sports shirt sponsorship

The NHS states that young people should engage in three types of physical activity each week: aerobic, muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening.  It’s interesting to see that they also recommend that children should avoid long periods of sitting as sedentary behaviour is now considered an independent risk factor for ill health, no matter how much exercise you do.

So make sure you and your family take every opportunity to get active – walk or scooter to school rather than use the car, play some sports, go for a bike ride or just do some energetic gardening – and remember to stay hydrated – grab a bottle or seek out a Hydration Station near you!

To talk to Livewell about our vending stations and product range please contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator,  Tel: 01423 876352

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