Livewell – a Lifestyle Refreshment Approach

Losing weight can be a real challenge, and whilst reducing levels of obesity within the population is still high on the public health agenda, interventions that encourage people to make small but achievable changes in physical activity that can have significant health benefits may be easier to achieve and maintain.

So we were interested to read a recently published study which found that lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity, but a brisk 20-minute walk each day is all it takes to avoid an early death.

A healthier lifestyle is often just about making small changes to our daily routine and making better choices with what we eat and drink.  For some it may involve walking instead of taking the car, for others is might be about reducing the amount of high fat, high sugar foods in their diet, or drinking more  water to help stay hydrated

It’s this whole lifestyle approach that lies at the heart of Livewell vending.  We provide lifestyle refreshment to meet the needs of on-the-go consumers, combining an inspiring range of products that tick all the boxes for quality.

Our four vending ‘Stations’ and Small Space Coffee Shop offer a wide choice of cold and hot drinks, and snacks.  These can include low-fat, low-sugar or sugar-free options, for example porridge-based products and fruit and nut mixes in our Healthy Station to mixed seed energy bars in our Active Station. Our aim is to offer a variety of choices to meet the different needs of consumers at different times.

Livewell offer a broad enough range so consumers can make their own informed decisions, enabling them to eat a balanced diet based on their individual needs at a particular time. So as well as offering low calorie options, we also offer a range of ’active’ snacks and drinks as well as more traditional drinks and snacks.

Ultimately, we’re all about satisfying nutritional needs with vending retail solutions.

View our Livewell video by clicking on this link to find out more: Livewell video

Talk to us today about installing a Livewell Vending station within your workplace.  Contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator on or 01423 876352.

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