Lifestyle refreshment – what does it mean?

Here at Livewell, we’re proud to offer ‘smart lifestyle choices’ but what does the phrase actually mean for today’s consumers? The refreshment needs of busy ‘on-the-go’ consumers will vary through the day. Whilst at breakfast time a commuter may look for a slow release porridge bar washed down with an Espresso, that same consumer may want a sports replenishment drinks in the gym at lunchtime and a fruit bar for an afternoon brain boost at their desk.

At Livewell Vending, our objective is to offer a variety of choices to meet the different need states of consumers at different times and locations. We recognise that refreshment needs for someone at a gym, hospital, school or workplace can vary considerably and that is why our five retail stations are designed accordingly.

As staunch supporters of healthy eating, we aim to offer a broad enough range to give consumers the choice to make their own informed decisions, enabling them to eat a balanced diet based on their individual needs at that time and place. So as well as offering low calorie options, we also offer a range of ’active’ snacks and drinks as well more traditional choices, as we appreciate there are times that require a little indulgence – everything in moderation, including moderation itself!

It seems that organisations in many sectors offer a similar approach, understanding that healthy eating must take into account the needs of different individuals at different times. For instance, in the healthcare sector, the Hospital Caterers Association promotes ‘eating for good health’; offering a healthy, balanced diet whilst recognising that at times patients may need more high calorie options. Hospital caterers also take into account that they are catering, not only for the needs of patients, but also for hospital staff, and for the families of patients, coming to visit their loved ones.

Ultimately, we’re all about satisfying nutritional needs with vending retail solutions and recognising that both options are perfectly acceptable within a balanced diet.

For more information about our Vetail™ Revolution at Livewell Vending Ltd, please contact Liz Hines, Business Manager on or call 01423 876352.

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