The Livewell® ethos

sports shirt sponsorshipThe ethos of Livewell® has been a hot topic recently at our headquarters. Our growing business of supplying customers with a range of snacks, enabling them to make smart lifestyle choices is underpinned by a commitment to an ethos, a way of life as it were.

Whilst thinking big in terms of expanding our business, we love to think local in terms of promoting healthy living and active lifestyles. This means encouraging people to get out and get active, making fitness part of our regular routines. To this end, we’re continuing to support a local football team, sponsoring a youth team for the upcoming season. Up and down the country thousands of youngsters are out each weekend playing sports for their local teams and we’re proud to be part of this sporting endeavour. Through regularly participating in sports they enjoy, children grow up seeing exercise as an enjoyable element of their weekly routine, rather than an ordeal to be endured.

Closer to home, our staff embody that commitment to healthy living. Sporting achievements are encouraged and members of the team regularly take part in local, grass-roots sporting challenges. Aaron, Livewell® Director recently took part in a local triathlon and has even introduced his family to the discipline. Another member of the team is training for a bed race, involving pushing a bed  – and passenger – through the hilly streets of Knaresborough before swimming across the River Nidd. Looking forward, as the Tour de France comes to Yorkshire early next month, we’ve all fallen in love with cycling and our efforts range from pottering round on a ‘sit up and beg’ style bike to cycling part of the route of this year’s race.

In a nutshell, the Livewell® ethos is all about ‘getting out there’ and being active, living a healthy lifestyle whilst indulging ourselves too. After all, we all deserve a little treat now and then.

For more information about our Vetail™ Revolution at Livewell® Vending Ltd, please contact Liz Hines, Business Manager on or call 01423 876352.

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