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Five Tips to Encourage Children to Get Active
It’s a fact of modern life that parents worry their children are spending too much time in front of a screen and not enough time enjoying the outdoors. Whilst accepting that technology is part of our children’s lives – from using an iPad for homework, speaking to grandparents on Skype and playing Minecraft on the Xbox – how do we encourage them to take a break from the screens, step outside and enjoy some family time?
1 Keep it interesting
If you’re sick of the moans as you suggest another welly walk, why not try something new? How about joining a military-style family fitness class? Popping up in parks across the country, these sessions will keep you on your toes and there’ll be ten extra press-ups for any backchat. Or if you fancy a slower pace, what about geocaching? A more hi-tech version of a traditional treasure hunt, use a GPS to locate the hidden ‘treasure’.
2. Sign up for a sporting challenge
You won’t need to look far to find a sporting challenge you can sign up to do together. Choose from Sport Relief challenges to Race for Life events, as well as triathlons and swimathons and enjoy the challenge of training together.
3. Make being active a way of life
It’s easier said than done with our busy lives but why not ditch the car sometimes and walk to school instead? Or encourage the children to cycle to football training. If being active is part of their normal routine, children are more likely to accept and enjoy being outdoors.
4. Make them the leader
Kids like nothing more than being in charge. Take advantage of low-cost leaflets from tourist information centres and pick up a circular family walk that even the youngest family member can manage. Give the kids the map and let them show you the way.  They’ll be so absorbed with their new responsibility that they’ll even forget to moan about their aching legs.
5. Get them involved
Whilst it’s tempting to leave the chaos at home while you go for a run, why not bring the children along. If you’re running, older children could keep pace on a bike. Or if you’re timing yourself, let them be in charge of the stopwatch.
Whilst you’re doing all this exercise, make sure you stay hydrated and refuelled. Keep your energy levels up with the great range of products stocked in our Hydration, Snack, Active and Healthy Stations. 
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