Livewell and Nutrition & Hydration Week

The 16th -22nd March is Nutrition and Hydration week  This is a week of action to raise awareness and improve understanding of the vital importance of good nutrition and hydration across social and healthcare settings.  The aim is to create a global movement that will reinforce and focus energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as an important part of quality care, experience and safety improvement in health and social care settings.


The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) is one of three organisations behind the Nutrition & Hydration week initiative.  Livewell Vending is an active member of the Yorkshire HCA branch and therefore endorse it fully .

Many of our previous blogs have focused on the importance of hydration in order to maintain good health and on how access to a wider choice of vended drinks and snacks with varying nutritional content allows consumers to make their own decisions on what meets their personal dietary requirements.

At Livewell Vending, we recognise that refreshment needs for someone at a gym, hospital, school or workplace can vary considerably and that is why our five retail vending stations are designed accordingly.

We aim to offer a broad enough range to give consumers the choice to make their own informed decisions, enabling them to eat a balanced diet based on their individual needs at that time and place. So as well as offering low calorie options, we also offer a range of ’active’ snacks and drinks as well as more traditional choices.

This is a similar approach to that of the HCA who promote ‘eating for good health’; offering a healthy, balanced diet whilst recognising that at times patients may need more high calorie options. Hospital caterers also take into account that they are catering for patients, hospital staff, and visitors.

Ultimately, we’re all about satisfying nutritional needs with vending retail solutions.

We look forward to seeing HCA members at the Yorkshire Branch meeting later this month where we will be telling you more about Livewell Vending and offering some sample products.

Talk to us today about our progressive vending stations. Contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator or 01423 876352.



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