Livewell set to help hospitals offer healthier choices

healthy_station_side1Hospitals should make healthier choices the easy option when it comes to the food and drink they offer, according to the recently published report by the Hospital Food Standards Panel.

Over 50% of the food provided within NHS hospitals is served to staff and visitors and the recommendations stressed that hospitals need to support the whole hospital community in choosing healthier options and improving their dietary habits.

Hospitals have a central role to play in ensuring that the message of healthy eating can be delivered practically through the choices made available to patients, staff and visitors.

Livewell® are certainly well placed to help hospitals in this area having spent the past five years providing a broad range of healthier choices within their food and drinks vending stations in schools. Livewell® are now keen to use this experience to deliver vending solutions for those working within hospital and healthcare environments.

Our four vending ‘Stations’ and Small Space Coffee Shop offer a wide choice of cold and hot drinks, and snacks.  These can include low-fat, low-sugar or sugar-free options, for example porridge-based products and fruit and nut mixes in our Healthy Station to mixed seed energy bars in our Active Station .


To talk to Livewell about how we can meet your vending requirements contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator,  Tel: 01423 876352 


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