Livewell Vending asks – What is healthy eating?

Here at Livewell we’re passionate about promoting healthy choices and enabling consumers to make informed lifestyle choices. So it was with interest that we read about recent research commissioned by Public Sector 100, which found that the level of nutritional awareness among the general public is poor (as outlined in ‘Cost Sector Catering’ magazine). 
Alarmingly it appears that over 60% of adults and 30% of children are now classed as overweight or obese, reflecting a general lack of understanding about basic nutritional requirements. The figure for obese adults is estimated to rise to 70% by 2020, adding an additional £2 billion worth of costs to the NHS. Given the increased pressure on public services and finances, promoting healthy eating is an increasingly hot political potato. Whilst recognising the need for the public to make better-informed nutritional choices on an individual basis, government bodies and other organisations are also introducing new measures in a bid to reverse this alarming trend.
The government-backed ‘Change 4 Life’ initiative encourages consumers to take responsibility for healthy lifestyle choices, urging them to make small changes to their food consumption, such as cutting back on fat and reducing salt intake. These changes are supported by tips to increase physical activity and reduce alcohol consumption.
As well as promoting changes to the way we eat at home, now that an increasing number of meals are eaten outside the home, other sectors are taking measures to improve food provision. In the education sector, The School Food Plan is building on Jamie Oliver’s efforts to revive school meals and improve the quality of meals eaten by the nation’s children every day. On the front line of healthcare, the government is addressing the criticisms of the quality of food offered in hospitals, through working on a review of hospital food in consultation with Age UK. Furthermore, regulations on food provision in care home settings have been introduced.
It would appear that a dual-pronged approach to nutritional awareness is required; on one hand arming the public with the facts enabling them to make healthy lifestyle choices and take responsibility for the choices they make. This needs to be supported by efforts from manufacturers, suppliers, supermarkets and caterers to provide clear food labelling and also provide healthy, nutritious meals in catering scenarios.
At Livewell, we promote a balanced lifestyle approach to satisfying our busy on-the-go pace of life. We provide refreshment solutions to meet the demands of consumers, allowing them to make the right nutritional choices and support a healthy diet.
For more information about our Vetail™ Revolution at Livewell Vending Ltd, please contact Liz Hines, Business Manager on or call 01423 876352.

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