Livewell Vending and the cashless school

An increasing number of UK schools are taking significant steps towards becoming cashless and removing the need for students to bring money into school to pay for school dinners and other purchases.

Livewell Vending have significant experience of working with some of the major school cashless suppliers, including NRS and CRB, to successfully integrate our vending stations with a variety of cashless systems.

Cashless integrated vending can help reduce waiting times/queues, increase sales and therefore increase revenue back to the school.

At Rossett School in Harrogate we installed a brand new Hydration Station offering a great range of cold drinks and integrated with the school’s biometric payment system. The estimated annual financial return to the school from this one vending station is approximately £2,500.


Joe Joyce, Finance Director at Rossett School, said “Cashless vending is vital for our school and Livewell were able to provide a smooth switchover with their modern approach to vending.

Livewell Vending is a Leeds-based company providing fully managed and self-fill vending options for hot and cold drinks, and snacks.  We have built an excellent reputation working successfully with schools and the FE sector providing a broad range of healthier choices within their food and drinks vending.

Over recent weeks we’ve been working with a number of schools across the UK to upgrade and update their vending offer.

Vending stations from  Livewell Vending can help your school provide an improved service for students to meet demand for cold drinks, hot drinks and snack. Vending offers a complimentary point of sale to the existing catering provision – sales have often gone up despite concerns that vending may detract from counter sales.  Through the royalty system, vending can help bring in extra revenue to the school which can be re-invested to benefit students and staff.

To talk to Livewell about cashless integrated vending stations at your school please contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator,  Tel: 01423 876352

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