Livewell vending embraces Fairtrade fortnight

Fairtrade logoFairtrade Fortnight (24th Feb – 9th March)
Fairtrade Fortnight is now in full swing, marking twenty years since the introduction of the first Fairtrade products to the UK. In 2013, UK purchases of Fairtrade products were equal to 2.29 billion cups of coffee. As well as supporting the Fairtrade campaign whilst out shopping, consumers can also shop ethically whilst grabbing a drink from a vending machine. Here at Livewell, our Café Nueva coffee products are sourced from Fairtrade certified small farms. 
By buying Fairtrade, consumers are supporting fair trading terms for farmers and workers in developing countries, ensuring they receive better prices and decent working conditions.
Here in Britain, we lead the way on Fairtrade, with over 340 companies providing more than 4500 products, ranging from bananas to chocolate and cocoa. Ethical business makes good economic success too, with Fairtrade product sales topping £1.78 billion in 2013, a growth of 14 percent on 2012 figures. The brand enjoys good consumer confidence with over 85% of UK consumers expressing trust in the brand. The widely recognised Fairtrade mark makes it easy for consumers to shop ethically and nine out of ten people in the UK recognise the distinctive logo.
To mark Fairtrade Fortnight, events are taking place across the country, with a headline grabbing ‘Make Bananas Fair’ campaign aiming to end the supermarket pricing wars. Well known public figures are supporting the ’Stick with Foncho’ campaign, urging the public to sign a petition asking the government to investigate supermarket pricing practices.
Schools can also become involved in promoting Fairtrade activities during the fortnight and beyond and more information and downloadable teaching resources can be found on the Fairtrade website.
For more information about our Vetail™ Revolution at Livewell Vending Ltd, please contact Aaron Prout MD on 07817 892 830 or email Liz Hines, Business Manager

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