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food labelNo sooner does the Great British Bake Off and the nations cake obsession end than the annual National Chocolate Week begins – we are clearly a society with a sweet tooth!

Consumption of sugary foods in the UK remains high with us regularly topping the European league table in sales of sweets, cakes and biscuits.

At Livewell we like a chocolate brownie, cupcake or sweet treat too but we are also passionate about promoting an alternative healthy option and enabling consumers to make informed choices.

There have been a number of national campaigns urging the public to take responsibility for healthy lifestyle choices, such as cutting back on fat and reducing salt intake. However, lack of clear nutritional information about a product can often make it difficult to keep track of the level of sugars and fats we are eating.

Efforts from manufacturers, suppliers, supermarkets and caterers to provide clear food labelling can help and at Livewell we are pleased to be able to offer vending stations with the advanced technology to show the consumer the nutritional facts and figures they need when choosing their vended product and where labels cannot be viewed.

We’re a nation of busy snackers. Even though our lifestyles demand a more flexible approach to eating and drinking, this shouldn’t mean scrimping on quality. Our vending stations offer a broad product range and the latest in vending technology to offer a balanced lifestyle approach to satisfying our busy on-the-go pace of life.

We provide refreshment solutions to meet the demands of consumers, allowing them to make the right nutritional choices and support a healthy diet.

Talk to us today about our progressive vending stations and how they can help you offer your customers a more informed snack choice. Contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator on or 01423 876352.

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