Livewell Vending stations: Just the right size!

French TGV trains have been in the news this week as news spread that a new batch of trains ordered are actually too wide to fit through the rural stations which they are meant to serve, resulting in estimated station rebuild costs of €50million. Whilst thankfully we don’t have to deal with a miscalculation on such a grand scale, it got us wondering how good we are at the calculations we do in our everyday lives?

For instance, how many of us are really aware of how many calories we should be consuming, how many calories we use exercising and the nutritional values of our favourite food? Guidelines state that the average man needs around 2500 calories, with women needing about 2000. So, how do these figures equate to the food we’re consuming? For instance, if you grabbed a grilled asparagus and prosciutto salad from your local sandwich shop, it could contain about 350 calories, whilst picking up fish and chips from your local takeaway could set you back about 800 calories. It’s a question of balance, of eating a mix of foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Given that food manufacturers now display the nutritional content of their food, we tend to have at least a passing awareness of the health benefits of what we’re eating. We seem less well-informed though when it comes to how many calories we use when exercising. For example a 30 minute fairly fast-paced run burns around 400 calories whilst you’d need to climb stairs for 15 minutes to burn 70 calories. As the Tour de France approaches and more of us are getting on our bikes, we’ll burn approximately 200 calories if we cycle gently for half an hour.

Whilst we don’t advocate calorie counting in minute detail, it can be useful to have a general idea of our food intake and what we burn exercising. And next time you’re working out the nutritional values on the side of your food packaging, just be grateful that you’re not trying to squeeze an express train through a station that’s far too narrow!

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**Our calorie information is intended as a general guide. Please undertake your own research before exercising. 

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