Livewell Vending Summer Essentials

flip flop machineThe summer is here and we are looking forward to spending more time in the lovely sunshine as we gear up for peak holiday season. Key to staying healthy in the heat is keeping your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

Our Livewell Hydration Station offers a great range of drinks to reinforce this message and is an ideal vending solution for schools, colleges, universities, businesses, gyms, hospitals and retail outlets.

We believe people on-the-go deserve an inspiring range of refreshments that tick all the boxes for quality. Over the last few years we have been focused on bringing the world of vending up to speed with the innovative pace of retail. We call it Vetail®. It’s less about vending and more about smart lifestyle choices.

This idea couldn’t be better illustrated by the fantastic vending machine for flip flops launched recently in the USA.  Retailer Old Navy has placed these bright machines throughout New York and Los Angeles so customers can grab their summer footwear and go. They have even gone a step further by offering a pair of colourful $1 flip flops in exchange for a “tweet” rather than cash.

Livewell is committed to the use and development of innovative vending features in all our stations – we’d love to tell you all about them!

For more information about Livewell® Vending Ltd, please contact Liz Hines, Business Manager on or call 01423 876352.

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