Vending Machines to help your New Year’s Resolution

As we near the end of 2014 and start to think about what changes we might implement in the New Year many of us look to our health.  Maybe your plan is to eat more fruit or give up chocolate (or maybe just eat less of it).

A new vending machine that uses facial recognition technology could help you stick to your New Year’s Resolution by refusing to vend a certain product based on your personal information – including age, medical data, dietary requirements or purchase history.

facial recognition vending

Using machines that can identify a particular shopper means that a gym could program the machine with its membership database not to sell fattening snacks to a person who is on a diet, while a hospital could prevent a user with health conditions such as diabetes buying a sugary product.

At Livewell® we know that people’s lifestyles vary. Our objective is to offer a variety of choices to meet the different needs of consumers at different times and locations. We recognise that refreshment needs for someone at a gym, hospital, school or workplace can vary considerably and that is why our vending stations are designed accordingly.

We aim to offer a broad enough range to give consumers the choice to make their own informed decisions, enabling them to eat a balanced diet based on their individual needs at that time and place. So as well as offering low calorie options, we also offer a range of ’active’ snacks and drinks as well more traditional choices.

For now though, you’ll just have to use willpower to stop you selecting the chocolate bar!

To talk to Livewell about your vending requirements contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator,

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