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The start of 2014 sees a well- established Leeds based company, The School Drinks Company re-launching it’s products and services under the new name ‘Livewell Vending’.
Traditional vending machines have only ever been good for quick, sugary fixes and less-than-appealing drink options. No longer. This is a new era for convenient drinks and snacks, and Livewell Vending is setting the standard with a new name, brand identity, design and website.
The pioneering company set up in 2006 by Aaron Prout, MD primarily servicing the schools market, has grown year on year and is using this strong foundation to bring about a Vending Revolution, not just in schools, but across Business & Industry, Gyms, Travel & Leisure, Universities, Colleges and Healthcare in our region.
Earlier this year, the NHS released the statistics for obesity in the UK, which painted an alarming picture. There has been a marked increase in obesity rates over the past eight years – in 1993 13% of men and 16% of women were obese – in 2011 this rose to 24% for men and 26% for women.
“We’re a nation of snackers. Busy ones at that. Even though our lifestyles demand a more flexible approach to eating and drinking, this shouldn’t mean scrimping on quality. As snacking accounts for 25% of our daily calorie count, we offer nourishing, satisfying choices so that people can snack without compromise”, said Managing Director, Aaron Prout.
“We believe people on-the-go deserve an inspiring range of refreshments that tick all the boxes for quality. So we’re bringing the world of vending up to speed with the innovative pace of retail. We call it Vetail. It’s less about vending and more about smart lifestyle choices”, he followed.. (more follows)
Thanks to technology, Livewell are leaving traditional vending in the past. Outmoded equipment, processes and systems have made way for a more contemporary, enjoyable experience. With features such as touchscreen menus, nutritional information and smartphone interface, Livewell can satisfy the expectations of discerning consumers everywhere.
As part of the re-brand they have developed a brand framework for Livewell and a full range of lifestyle vending solutions. These include ‘Hydration’, ‘Snack’, ‘Active’ and ‘Healthy’ ‘Stations’ – all selling branded products targeted to specific need states.
The new brand portfolio also includes ‘The Small Space Coffee Shop’, for a range of gourmet hot drink machines under the Livewell brand. These impressive units use only natural, Fairtrade, ethically sourced ingredients for a range of speciality coffees, hot chocolates and freshly brewed teas. There’s an option to suit any size space and each include everything but the barista!

For more information on Livewell Vending, visit, call Aaron Prout MD on 07817 892830, Liz Hines Business Manager on 01423 876352 or email

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