Salad from a vending machine? It’s a Vetail™ Revolution.

Our round-up of innovative products to come out of vending machines. It’s a whole new world out there!

Vending machines today have come a long way from the old stereotype of dodgy machines which refused to accept your coins and sometimes needed a gentle nudge to release your much-wanted bar of chocolate.
We’re looking at a whole new world of retail opportunities and vending today is about offering savvy customers a retail experience, a smart lifestyle choice as it were. We call it Vetail ™. Just for fun, here at Livewell, we’ve rounded up our personal pick of what’s hot in the world of vending and some of the novel products to come out of vending machines.
Bike Repair Kits
Cycling around New York can be a rollercoaster at the best of times. What to do though if you get a puncture? Bikestock offer a range of vending machines packed with everything the urban cyclist could need; tubes, tools, tires and even ponchos are available.
Cycling Helmets
Carrying on the bike-theme, entrepreneurs have recognised that while cycling is growing in popularity, helmet wearing has been slower to catch on and have introduced a HelmetHub machine to rent helmets to cyclists. Helmets are cleaned after each use and the machine features a range of sizes and colours.
Freshly-made Salad
Supercharged salads in recyclable jars, breakfast yoghurt and berries, vegetables and houmous; Farmer’s Fridge has turned traditional vending on its head. Sure to become the go-to stop-off for healthy snackers Stateside.
Japan has long been known as the land of the vending machine. A recent foray by an underwear manufacturer to introduce a bra vending machine has been greeted with a lukewarm response. Apparently, despite featuring a printed size guide, woman are reluctant to purchase without trying the product first.
(Image courtesy of Farmer’s Fridge)
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