Be Sugar Smart with a Livewell Hydration Station

There’s no getting away from it – as a society we consume too much sugar.  We are now beginning to see the impact on health that this ongoing high level of sugar consumption can cause.  It’s time to think again about the levels we eat in our daily diet.


Adults and children alike are now being urged to reduce the amount of “added sugar” we eat and drink in order to help reduce the incidence of tooth decay, weight gain, and the associated health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

“Added sugar” is the sugar put into the food by either the manufacturers or by us – it might be added to products to help them stay fresh for longer or just the spoonful we use to sweeten our tea.

In order to lower our sugar intake it is suggested we do the following:

1. Swap food and drinks to low or no sugar alternatives
2. have smaller portions of high sugar products
3. Reduce our intake of food and drink containing high levels of sugar (over 15g in every 100g)

Many soft drinks manufacturers have already reduced the amount of sugar in their products and are doing more to introduce and promote their low and no sugar alternatives.

A Livewell Hydration Station is a simple way to offer your customers the choice of drinks that can help them reduce their sugar intake.  We stock a full range of low and no sugar alternatives to the most popular soft drinks.  We also supply a wide variety of milk and juice-based products which offer additional nutritional benefits.  And of course no Hydration Station would be complete without water!

Let Livewell help you give your customers the choice and information they need to be Sugar Smart.

To talk to us about installing a Hydration Station within your organisation or about our range of vending and hot drinks solution please contact Jo Watson on 01423 876352 or email

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