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Technology and its day to day applications are growing at a remarkable rate. As experts develop more complex programmes the ability of a computer to imitate human thought processes gets ever closer.

This week a landmark battle commenced between man and artificial intelligence (AI).  The world champion of the game Go is playing against, and currently being beaten (2 – 0) by, a computer opponent DeepMind.

DeepMind day 1-970-80

Within the vending world, thanks to technology, we can leave traditional vending in the past. Outmoded equipment, processes and systems have made way for a more contemporary, enjoyable experience. Livewell Vending pioneer the use of machines with features such as touchscreen menus, nutritional information and smartphone interface.

Payment technology in vending is also advancing quickly, with new methods such as contactless payment or pay by phone incorporated within the latest machinery.  We have already integrated our vending with cashless catering systems (card and biometric) within many of our school sites and have many more planned for the coming months.

The vast and varied capabilities of modern vending machines allows us to focus on delivering a bespoke solution to suit any business need.

We offer a full range of lifestyle vending solutions. These include ‘Hydration’, ‘Snack’, ‘Active’ and ‘Healthy’ ‘Stations’ – all selling branded products targeted to specific need states.

We also have a portfolio of ‘Small Space Coffee Shop’s’, for a range of gourmet hot drink machines via a wide range of floor standing or table top machines. These impressive units use only natural, Fairtrade, ethically sourced ingredients for a range of speciality coffees, hot chocolates and freshly brewed teas. There’s an option to suit any size space and each include everything but the barista!

To talk to Livewell about our innovative approach to vending and how we can help meet your specific vending needs please contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator, Email:  Tel: 01423 876352.

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