Think inside the bubble

Think inside the bubble to make your workplace Covid-19 safe

This week we’ve seen many businesses open up again in response to the easing of lockdown restrictions. But the return to work – whether shop, office or school – is far from normal.

With social distancing still in place, one-way systems, floor signs and Perspex barriers are now part of this so-called “new normal”. And strict hygiene procedures are no longer just the domain of those in certain industries, we all need to follow them.

Suddenly, every business owner, HR and facilities manager, and team leader has been forced to dramatically rethink every on-site human interaction.

Why bubbles?

Our workplaces have transformed from being passive locations at which core business is carried out. Now they’re more of an active, living being, requiring substantial management, control and care. We have to think about who can be in them, when they can be there and how they need to act once inside.

Single people in England and NI now have the option of forming a “bubble” with another household… the social equivalent of a contained delicate sphere of air with only limited space.

Can this metaphor help us consider changes in the workplace too?

It’s something we’ve been thinking about a lot in terms of helping our clients with their catering needs – for example…

Don’t pop the bubble:

How can you provide for your staff, customers, pupils or clients in a way that reduces outside interaction? Are there ways that you can help limit trips off-site during the day by offering safe and easy alternatives?

Don’t crowd the bubble:

Space is suddenly a huge consideration. You can’t have queues or congestion in key areas any more. How can you ensure that people have a range of places on-site to access what they need?

Don’t wobble the bubble:

Anxiety levels are high right now. The well-being of those in your care matters. How can you make sure they have low stress options available? How can you help them follow social distancing and hygiene advice?

We believe the answer to figuring out this new normal in the workplace lies in thinking inside the bubble.

What about you?

PS. We also think that our low-touch automated vending stations can help you think inside the bubble by offering a simple, safe solution to providing food and drink on-site in a way that won’t pop, crowd or wobble your bubble… but we are a little biased!

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