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This summer the first driverless pods will be seen in UK cities and the public reaction to them gauged. The electric vehicle trial is due to start in July and will see “pods” running on dedicated tracks in London, Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes.


How the public react to having driverless vehicles on the streets remains to be seen but sometimes it’s just a matter of changing people’s perceptions of how something works – and it’s not always easy!

Vending is particularly prone to misrepresentation.  We know that people base their view of vending on their previous experience – this may be from many years ago or from seeing public vending locations where machines are outdated and poorly stocked with

Livewell Vending takes a modern, innovative approach bringing the world of vending up to speed with the innovative pace of retail. We call it Vetail®. It’s less about vending and more about smart lifestyle choices.

For a start, we’ve made sure the branding, design and appearance of our vending stations complement any environment. The colourful designs include positive messaging to inform and appeal to consumers – even those who don’t usually use vending.

Thanks to technology, we can leave traditional vending in the past. Outmoded equipment, processes and systems have made way for a more contemporary, enjoyable experience. Our modern vending stations include features such as touchscreen menus, nutritional information and integrated cashless payment systems.

And we offer you a flexible service to suit your individual needs. We offer a fully managed service with generous profit shares. Alternatively you can buy or lease the stations and we can help out with wholesale supplies and maintenance.

And who knows, if the electric vehicle trials are a success our vending operators could be delivering our range of drinks and snacks to you in Livewell “pods” in the future.

To talk to Livewell about our range of vending stations please contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator, Email:  Tel: 01423 876352

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