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Livewell is an expert vending machine supplier, providing and operating modern, high-tech vending equipment and a high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Given the right solution, your budgets will benefit from having these vending machines within your business.

We want to embed comfort culture in organisations with a workforce that need automated catering services either due to their size, or lack of access to quick and easy refreshment. Our services would be particularly beneficial to businesses with 50+ members.

Who can benefit from our vending solutions? Our variety of vending solutions are perfectly suited to meet the needs of people within busy organisations seeking refreshments on-the-go. We can tailor our machines to suit schools, hospitals, offices, hospitality and any other location where a range of employees needs nourishment.

Our options are truly bespoke. Leasing or buying, managed or self-managed, healthy or comforting treats, it really is up to you. Not only that but we will customise our machines with a breadth of options if you so desire, including contactless payment and touch screen.

Clients have a choice of two vending machine solutions. Fully-managed, or Self-fill.

When you pick the fully managed vending machine solution you don’t have to lift a finger. We will provide a continuous service, managing your stock and servicing the machines ourselves. What’s more, our real-time telemetry system knows when you’re running low on your favourite snacks, so we know exactly what you need, and how many you need.

The self-fill vending machine solution is designed for people who prefer a more hands on approach. All of our customisation options are available to you, so you can pick and choose the best options for you. After that we will set you up, and you can manage your machine at your own pace!

Vending Machine Supplier
Self-Fill Vending Machine

Key details:

  • Livewell install & operate vending.
  • Eye catching branding
  • Contactless payments as standard
  • Products range that best suits location
  • No capital outlay for client
  • Commission paid to client linked to sales 
  • Service fee may apply but only for a low rate of sale

This is the best vending solution if you want a hassle-free service and no investment in equipment or resource.

Key details:

  • Client purchases equipment to operate themselves
  • Livewell install and set up the vending
  • Payment systems integrated as required
  • Bespoke branding available
  • Client sources products
  • Option to buy products from Livewell
  • Optional maintenance plan

If you have spare resources in-house and want to finance equipment, this vending machine solution may be for you.

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