Livewell installs latest vending technology across new sites

Livewell Vending is following up on the installation of the latest vending equipment at some of our top education sites. We are awaiting  two more Merchant Media machines to install as Livewell Snack Stations for combined court locations in Yorkshire and the North East.

The machines supplied by Crane Merchandising Systems will be placed in waiting areas in the court locations, which comprise both magistrate and crown courts, and are expected to be used by a cross-section of on-the-go customers including visitors, witnesses and court officials. Both of these Snack Stations will initially be cash only but will have the potential to be upgraded to cashless once they have been fully trialled.


Livewell has had the Merchant Media and the BevMax 4 Media in situ for a number of weeks in education settings in Yorkshire. Owner of Livewell Vending, Aaron Prout comments: “Using technology like the Media Touch Platform at education sites is the best and most relevant way to take vending forward at these locations as we are engaging a target market who is used to shopping in this way. These young adults are most familiar with touch screens thanks to the proliferate use of phones and other tablet devices and they are highly-discerning young consumers.

“Our Snack and Hydration Stations are popular in schools and places of further education as they are great for students and staff rushing between lessons and provide a valuable product and service for those working outside of the set canteen hours. The stations also benefit from being quick and easy with, of course, no queuing involved – again, ideal for a younger, quicker generation who are used to being on-the-go.”

Sales director for Crane Merchandising Systems, Mike Kane is delighted that established customer, Livewell has already got its next order in: “Our machines have always provided good business for Livewell across its education sites and we expect the Media Touch Platforms to now improve on those results even further with its advanced, consumer-friendly technology, which includes a built-in product library, complete with images and nutritional information. What is especially interesting is to see how these machines perform at the combined court locations. They are easy to customise and brand and provide a great platform for advertising and so we are expecting a good response.”

Talk to us today about installing a Livewell Vending station within your  school, college, uni or business.  Contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator on or 01423 876352.

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