Inspired by the World Cup? Here’s Why You Should Start Playing Team Sports

Playing sport isn’t just a great way to get some exercise and stay fit, it can also help us make friends and teach us new skills. And team sports, especially, can have an incredibly positive impact on us in terms of learning transferable skills.

When you play team sports, you realise that it doesn’t just come down to whoever’s the fittest or best player, it’s more about working as a team and accepting that different people have different abilities and skills they can bring to the table. Or, the pitch!

England may have been beaten by Croatia and not made it to the World Cup finals, but it’s clear we can take some inspiration from the squad. How far they managed to get in the competition is testament not just to their skills as football players, but also their ability to successfully work as a team.

The World Cup will undoubtedly inspire many young people to take part in team sports, which is great news; team sports teach children a wealth of skills that they can use both on and off the pitch.

Playing team sports provides children with important lessons in personal values. They learn that things aren’t always going to go their way and that they need to respect not just their team members but also whoever is presiding over the game, like a referee.

This can be useful when they get older as they start working for a boss for the first time or having to deal with figures of authority.

Team sports can also have a positive impact on a child’s mental health as they learn how to be more resilient, how to deal with setbacks, and they’re also less likely to feel isolated. There’s also evidence to suggest that regular physical activity may increase literacy and numeracy skills.

Here are some other benefits of playing team sports that will hopefully inspire you, or someone you know, to join your local sports team.

Learning to take feedback: to improve, we must all be receptive to feedback, and especially constructive criticism. The informal setting of team sports, as opposed to be coached one-on-one, mean we can be more open and it’s likely that the feedback we receive during team sessions can be applied to other areas of our lives too.

Building confidence: playing team sports is a huge confidence-builder, especially in children, and it’s not difficult to understand why. When you have the coach and other players cheering you on and rewarding your skills, and telling you you’ve done a good job, it’s a great feeling. This is especially important for children who are in the developmental stages of life; getting a confidence boost does wonders for their self-esteem, something which will help later in life when it comes to making new friends and building relationships.

Developing social skills: another great benefit of playing team sports is that it helps you build relationships and develops your social skills too. Humans were designed to work with other people, and being alone all the time is no fun! Being on a team forces you to work with other people, accept others’ skills abilities, and teaches you to get along with them in a group setting. It’s a great way to make new friends and develop the skills that will, one day, increase your chances of making a great impression at work.

Good sportsmanship: good sportsmanship is a huge part of life, whether on or off the pitch, because put simply, you’re not always going to win. You’re not always going to win the game, but you’re also not always going to get the job, come first in every competition you enter, or be the best at everything 100% of the time. Good sportsmanship means taking the rough with the smooth, having respect for your opposing team members, being humble when you win and gracious when you lose

Exercise: we’re perhaps pointing out the obvious here, but playing team sports is a great way to exercise! Getting exercise on a daily basis is the best way to stay fit and healthy and by encouraging your kids to join a sports team you’re instilling good habits (like exercising and maintaining a good, balanced diet) from a young age, something that will likely carry on through to adulthood.

Joining a team can have a great number of positive benefits. In fact, playing team sports might be one of the best things kids can do because it teaches respect, confidence, social skills, teamwork, confidence, and so much more. Not to mention the physical benefits, of of course.

One thing that’s incredibly important, though, whatever game you’re playing, is for the whole team to stay hydrated. You can lose a lot of fluid when exercising, mainly through sweating and breathing. If you don’t top this fluid back up, you’ll become dehydrated, which can be dangerous, especially during the warmer months. Water helps fuel your muscles so making sure you’re drinking lots of it before, during, and after exercise helps to boost your energy levels and aid recovery.

If you’d like to talk to us about making sure your school or workplace is always equipped with drinking water that students and employees can enjoy on the go, get in contact here. Our Hydration Station reinforces the importance of drinking water regularly and can be stocked with water and a range of energy drinks to suit your needs.

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