Hydration & Nutrition available whenever the leisure facility is open

Brimhams Active, the council-owned health and wellbeing company, runs leisure facilities within the region. The Harrogate Leisure and Wellness Centre underwent a £13.5 million renovation. This includes a 400 square metre fitness centre, a new sauna and steam suite, improved reception and café, as well an overhaul of the existing gym, spin, leisure and swimming facilities. As part of the project Brimhams Active wanted people using the centre to be able to hydrate and have nutritional snacks whenever they needed them. They approach Livewell Vending as their ethos is to provide healthy eating and drinking via vending.

The Objectives

With many visitors to the centres, and long opening hours, Brimhams wanted a vending service at each site to offer hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks during the opening hours of the leisure facility. To support the overall wellbeing objectives, they were very clear that the drinks and snacks provided needed to meet their health standards. They wanted centre members and visitors to have access to healthier options as well as products to enhance exercise recovery. With a proven experience of providing healthier products, Livewell Vending were selected to provide the service to the newly developed Leisure and Wellbeing centres

THE SOLUTION – Equipment and Branding

State of the art touchscreen vending machines providing chilled drinks, healthy snacks and variety of hot drinks.

  • Livewell Hydration Station providing sugar free cold drinks, all using recyclable bottles
  • Livewell Snack Station providing a healthier range of nutritional snacks supplied and stocked by Livewell
  • Livewell Coffee Station providing a range of coffees, tea and hot chocolate

To enhance the appearance further, the machines are housed in a set of surrounds with Brimhams Active branding. As well as creating a polished finish, in line with the new, modern look of the centres, the surrounds also provide the opportunity to promote the stated wellbeing messages to visitors

THE SOLUTION – Technology

  • Customers have a full touchscreen interface on all machines making the snack and drink purchase quick and easy
  • Purchases can be made using contactless payments, such as debit cards, ApplePay etc.
  • Livewell use telemetry to access live reporting of usage, sales and operational performance. This data enables them to optimise the product selection choices and quantities as well as planning efficient replenishment of stock

This data is freely accessible also to Brimhams Active which was a welcome feature as it allows them to independently review sales and performance

THE SOLUTION – Commercial

As an expert supply partner Livewell see to all the ongoing stocking and maintenance of the vending machines. Their software ensures that the machines are always re stocked and customer preferences can be monitored by site. This service is provided on a no cost basis and Brimhams receive commission payments from Livewell three times per year. The vending has proved to be very popular and the healthier products are selling well, resulting in a service offering which is both wellbeing focussed and commercially sound.

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