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Fully-managed school vending machines

School vending machines is where it started for Livewell. We know this sector better than any other refreshment supplier, with schools and educational facilities being our first and primary operational sector.

Leaders and teachers in education have an unenviable responsibility to provide learning that meets or exceeds rigorous inspection standards. Kids spend each day moving from classroom to classroom, filling up the hallways to the brim, whilst the teachers work hard to stay on top of them. Whilst teachers mark hundreds of test papers, there’s another challenge that often goes without saying. How do you feed all these kids?

School business, facilities and catering managers have the task of providing food and drink to a school population that, in some secondary schools, can often push 2000 pupils and staff.

School Vending

Complying With Food Standards


Following the aftermath of the Food Standards campaign in 2006, when food and drink standards were implemented in schools, and Jamie Oliver took away Turkey Twizzlers, there is greater requirements for schools to provide healthier options that are just as appealing to young people. We are School Food Standard compliant, and our menu meets Healthy School Status, meaning all of our healthy options are perfectly suited for a school environment.


Livewell’s school vending solution: Livewell rose to the challenge of the introduction of Food Standards by sourcing healthy snacks that would appeals to young people for its school vending machines such as lower fat snacks (e.g, popcorn and cereal bars) and no sugar drinks.

Pupils in secondary school

Short Break Times


One of the biggest challenges in schools is that the demand for catering is compressed into quite short break times — sometimes as short as 15 minutes long. Children run and push each other for spaces in the never-ending queue for the canteen.


Livewell’s school vending solution: Introducing school vending machines  can take the pressure off catering staff by providing an additional source for refreshments , allowing them to breathe by reducing the number of students in the queue, and provide alternate options that everyone will love.

Admin Books

Funding and Budget Limitations


Individual schools are subject to time constraints requiring school administrators, who already have plenty of plates to spin, to subject a dedicated amount of time to controlling individual school budgets. 90% of a schools overall income is based on pupil numbers, and staffing costs alone represent 85% of a schools expenditure, with another 12% dedicated to running the costs of the building.


ICT costs, pupil attainment, OFSETD Improvements, and Government planning, and utilities all have to be accounted for as well putting major pressure on school administrators to keep things tight. At Livewell, we know that the extra pressure is something that school admin teams don’t need, which is why we offer our fully-managed vending option. We take care of the machines, so the machines can take care of you.


Card and Hand

Contactless Payment Systems


No cash, no problem. Livewell adopted cashless payment options early, meaning the majority of our vending and coffee machines take contactless payments like Apple Pay. We install contactless payment devices as the standard on all fully managed equipment, and we provide it as an option to our self-fill customers.


Paying using contactless is not only extremely convenient, but transactions are easy, reliable and safe. Whether your solution needs to accept payments by coins, notes and/or contactless payments, we can supply the hardware you need to integrate seamlessly with your equipment.


Covid Restriction Measures

Covid-19 has presented Schools with an unprecedented challenge to manage the student and staff population within the school in a way that minimises the spread or the virus.


Livewell’s vending intrinsically provides a low risk way for accessing refreshments as it reduces queues and is self-serve, thus eliminating any person to person contact at the point of purchase. And the refreshment products will not be handled by others as they are stored hygienically behind a glass screen.


In addition, and to provide extra reassurance, Livewell have attached hand sanitiser dispenser to all machines in schools and have also applied an antibicrobial film to all touch points. Both of these measures significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Livewell’s School Vending Solution

We provide you a service that’s worth every single penny. Our machines are top of the range, and our systems are unique and extremely effective. Plus, we work with all major school cashless payment providers to integrate the school’s cashless system to the vending ensuring quick, reliable and seamless payments.

Catering Manager, Outwood Academies, City & Shafton

“We have been using Livewell for over 3 years  and have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received ensuring a stress free day to day vending operation. Since their machines have been on site, our sales have increased and queuing times decreased across other areas of our operation”.

Working With Livewell

We work closely with schools, multi-academy trusts and caterers to supply vending services and solutions that are tailored to meet these unique challenges. Our fully-managed school vending machines and coffee machines for schools…

  • Stock school compliant food and drink
  • Help reduce queues
  • Diminish catering budget
  • Integrate with school payment systems
  • Low contact, self serve, Covid safe
  • Popular with pupils and staff
  • Offers refreshments after school, and at weekends

If you’re looking to introduce vending facilities to your school, look no further than Livewell for an innovative, healthy and popular solution.

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