There is no escaping the importance for all companies and individuals to take action on climate change and the ecological challenges we face. We know this is an increasingly important procurement decision criteria for our clients,  and equally in the mind of consumers. And it is important to us at Livewell. There’s lots we need to do, some of which is in our hands, and some of which depends on our suppliers and clients. Here’s our list of focus areas;

Efficient Replenishment

The telemetry system at the core of Livewell’s operated allows remote access to our vending machines via the cloud. This delivers two major efficiencies for the logistics of our operation;

  • We only make a journey to visit sites when needed
  • We only carry the stock on our vans that is needed.

Combined, this improves significantly our fuel efficiency.

Responsible Sourcing

Where possible we source locally, both equipment and refreshments. For example, our Coffee Vending machines and Water Coolers are all manufactured in the UK. And for our refreshments we are pleased to source our bottled water locally from Harrogate Spring Water, reducing food miles.

When sourcing refreshment products we work with suppliers committed to ethical sourcing. This is especially relevant for the sourcing of our coffee ingredients. All of Livewell’s own brand coffee is certified Fairtrade by the Rainforest Alliance.


Recycling at our premises

Livewell have recycling arrangements in place for all plastic, cardboard and combustible materials at our premises. We also look to source products from suppliers that have the most Eco friendly packaging available.

Our plastic bottles are 100% recyclable

Livewell are also committed to the elimination of single use plastic. No-one wants to see plastic bottles dumped in the sea, and there is no need that this should happen. Both lightweight and strong, plastic is a sustainable material if recycled. The plastic used to make drinks bottles, ‘PET’, is a type that is good for recycling and reuse. Indeed, all of the bottles sourced by Livewell are 100% recyclable.

Increased use of recycled source materials

At a recycling centre PET bottles are ground to form pellets, a material then classified as ‘rPET’. In the UK there is a shortage of rPET because not enough plastic is being recycled. So for now our suppliers are using a blend of raw material, such that up to 51% of a new bottle is made from rPET. This is a good start and their target is to reach 100% ‘Made from recycled’ plastic.

How customer sites can help support EcoVend

For customer sites looking to reduce single use plastic, there are two key steps;

  1. Ensure that recycling collection points are readily available on site
  2. Establish waste management arrangements to ensure the bottles reach a recycling centre.

Livewell can supply recycling bins to customers either with Livewell branding or bespoke to your site. Find Out More

Coming Soon – Deposit Return Scheme

Improving the quality and quantity of recycling is a key part of UK Government’s Climate Change Strategy, and the Scottish parliament are launching a ‘Deposit Return Scheme’ in 2022 that will provide the infrastructure and incentives for consumers to recycle plastic bottles. England and Wales are set to follow suit.

The elimination of single use plastic bottles

Where this government back recycling system already exists, such as in Australia, a virtuous circle is established with drinks bottles made from 100% recycled materials and bottles in turn that are 100% recyclable.

Reverse vending

Customers looking to provide incentives for recycling on site can invest in a Reverse Vending machine. This provides a deposit point with a scanner to accept nominated bottles and cans and. The machine can be programmed such that, on deposit of a suitable item, the customer is provided with a financial reward by way of a discount voucher. Find Out More

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