Fully-managed vending machines for all industries

We provide fully-managed vending and coffee machines for all industries.

British industry includes celebrated sectors such as energy, manufacturing, construction and many more. Typically, these sites have different environments to offices and, accordingly, the refreshment solutions required may differ.

Many of the roles at these locations will be more physical, with food and drink having an increased importance for hydration and energy. Covid-19 has had a major impact also with the need to re-evaluate physical spaces — our fully-managed vending solutions cater to all considerations.

man in overalls choosing a drink from a vending machine

Products and Services

Livewell’s range of refreshment products and services offer a one-stop shop to meet the needs of busy, hands-on working environments. When taking a break, staff want to know that they can grab a refreshing drink or snack quickly and easily.

Join many British industrial businesses who have chosen Livewell for their fully-managed vending and coffee machines solutions and services.

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