Livewell source only the best equipment and technology, ensuring that a fantastic customer experience across our range. High quality build and modern features mean our equipment is more reliable and easier to use and maintain. Investing in top end equipment delivers improved performance, higher sales, and a better commercial return all round.

Equipment Sourcing

The best in class

Whether we operate or supply equipment, you can be confident it will be high quality and fit for purpose. Key questions we ask when sourcing equipment;

  • Is it well built, durable and reliable?
  • Does it have latest technology and features to benefit customers?
  • Will it be easy to use and maintain with good manufacturer support?
  • Does it represent good value for money?

Touchscreen Display

The modern way to shop

Whether it is buying a book from Amazon on an iPad, a train ticket at a station, or ordering food at McDonalds, using screens to shop is now the norm. Livewell’s vending stations are supplied with touchscreens offering the following benefits

  • Easy browsing and selection
  • Product and nutritional information
  • Basket feature to purchase multiple items
  • Clear usage instructions, as well as product offers and suggestions

Appearance and Branding

Equipment with kerb appeal

Livewell invests in the design and application of great branding for our fully managed vending machines, ensuring they look great in any setting and are inviting to use. Our standard range of designs are also available to clients purchasing equipment, or it can supplied with bespoke branding. In addition we can also supply surrounds to provide a more built-in look.

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