Healthy Vending – Seeds, Nuts and Nutritious Stuff!

If you’re planning on doing a bit of pumpkin carving in time for Halloween then don’t chuck out the seeds  –  eat them!  Pumpkin seeds can be dried and roasted to make a great nutritious snack.  They are rich in magnesium, a natural energy and metabolism booster, which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

But you don’t need to hollow out a pumpkin every time you want a healthy snack.  Livewell Vending stations offer a wide range of options and our Healthy Stationhealthy_station_side1 offers an inspiring range of delicious snacks and drinks that taste great and do you good, including free-from options, high protein choices and slow release carbs.

Just the thing for healthy lifestyles.

Here’s just a few of our personal favourite makes that offer the consumer a tasty and healthy alternative to the traditional vended confectionery:

9bar is a delicious way to provide an extra energy boost. Every 9bar is made with a unique blend of wholesome seeds including sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, sesame and hemp, while some also have delicious crunchy nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts. Seeds and nuts are nutritionally dense foods containing a wide range of nutrients including minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids like Omega-3. Hemp seed is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids in a balanced ratio – including the 9 that are essential building blocks for good health, which is what gives 9bar its name.

Eat Natural bars are packed with nuts, fruit, seeds and honey, some even add chocolate and smooth yoghurt. But none of them contain artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Nākd bars and snacks are a great way to eat nutritious, healthy food without compromising on taste! Made from natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts they are wheat and dairy free, with no added sugars or hidden extras.

So it really is possible to make a healthy choice when you are looking to grab a snack on the go – just look for a Livewell Healthy Station!

To talk to Livewell about our vending stations and product range please contact Jo Watson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator,  Tel: 01423 876352 



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