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Livewell sources only the best healthy vending machines and foodstuffs, determined to keep up our high standards. Our ethos is to maintain healthy lifestyles, and provide people with proper refreshment services.

Health and wellbeing has never had more attention. With this comes an almost overwhelming amount of advice about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Livewell has an expertise in sourcing and providing healthy vending machine snacks and drink options.

Wherever you need, we can stock our dedicated healthy vending machine exclusively with a range of healthier drinks and snacks. 

In other locations, our vending machines are stocked with a balanced range of regular and healthier products, allowing consumers to make choices in line with their own needs. Here’s what gives us the edge.

healthy vending machine snacks

Healthy Vending Machines in Schools

Back in 2006 it all started for Livewell with schools with the business being created to fill a gap in the market. New food standards were introduced to schools and existing vending companies withdrew their machines. This heritage has equipped Livewell with an unrivalled expertise and range, allowing us to supply healthier products both where regulations require and where there’s demand.

healthy vending machine snacks

Healthy Vending Machines in Hospitals

In October 2020 an independent review of NHS hospital food was published. This included a recommendation that hospital food standards are enshrined in law, like school food standards. As part of NHS England’s Commissioning for Quality and Innovation framework (CQUIN), a set of standards are already in place. Livewell have worked actively with NHS Trusts and the Hospital Caterers Association to ensure that the products we range are CQUIN approved.

healthy vending machine snacks

Sugar Free drinks

The vast majority of Livewell’s soft drinks range have no added sugar, are low in sugar or no sugar at all, and as such over 90% fall outside the sugar tax.

healthy vending machine snacks

Lower Calorie Snacks

Livewell stock a wide range of lower calorie and low salt alternatives to crisps, including rice, corn, popcorn and baked bagged snacks. With snack bars, we stock alternatives that are all natural, lower fat and higher protein.

healthy vending machine snacks

Pure Hot Drinks

Some automated coffee isn’t up to scratch and when it doesn’t taste great you have to wonder whats in it. When buying a hot drink from any of Livewell’s hot drinks machine you wont be disappointed and can trust that all the ingredients we use will be top quality and, where available, free of unnecessary artificial additives.

healthy vending machine snacks

Nutritional and Allergen information

Our touchscreen menus include nutritional information to allow customers to make informed choices to suit their own lifestyle. We also include nutritional information on our full product range in our online store.

Healthy Vending FAQ’s


For fully-managed customers we have a team that takes care of everything for you. Our SMART tech vending machines allow us to keep track of sales and stock, so we can provide you with an adaptable service. Our telemetry system tracks sales and product stock, so we can stock the most popular products in your machine. 


Vending machines are great for all types of sectors and organisations, so it’s only fair that we find the perfect spoke for your vending machine. Whether you work in a school, a gym, or a warehouse we can tailor our machines to find the perfect option for your environment.


We take health and safety very seriously. We can tailor the selection of products offered in your vending machine to accommodate allergies, and Livewell can provide you with several vegan, gluten-free, high-protein and general health options.


All our telemetry system needs to work is a good quality internet connection!

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