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Universities / colleges

College and university students are a typically discerning bunch. They expect access to a good range of refreshments at all times of day and night, and the kind of quality that’s going to sustain them through long hours of study. Our FE Stations meet their every need.

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Hydration Station

Hydrate, Refresh and Awaken

Most of us are aware that the human body is roughly 75% water and that keeping hydrated is key to good health. Our Hydration Station reinforces these important messages and together with the uplifting blue sky design, encourages consumers to Hydrate, Refresh and Awaken.

Healthy Station

Healthy & Tasty Snacks

Snacking accounts for 25% of our daily calorie intake. Our Healthy Station offers an inspiring range of delicious snacks and drinks that taste great and do you good, including free-from options, high protein choices and slow release carbs. Just the thing for healthy lifestyles.

Snack Station

Quick Bites & Treats

There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence. As they say, a bit of what you fancy does you good. Our Snack Station offers an appetising range of quality confectionery and crisps that are ideal for a quick, tasty treat. Only the most reputable brands allowed.

Active Station

Energise, Revitalise & Rebuild

As people get more active, demand for complementary foods and drinks rises. Our Active Station offers products for a broad cross-section of active lifestyles and training needs, from muscle recovery aids to performance snacks and drinks.

The Small Space Coffee Shop

Small Space, Great Taste: Delicious Coffee To Go

The UK is enjoying a boom in café culture. With coffee shops on every high street, it’s safe to say coffee remains the ultimate on-the-go lifestyle beverage. These impressive units use only natural, fairtrade, ethically sourced ingredients for a range of speciality coffees, hot chocolates and freshly brewed teas…. everything but the barista!