Fully-managed vending machines for further education

At Livewell, we provide fully-managed vending and coffee machines for schools, colleges, Universities and other further education institutions.

Universities and FE colleges are thriving environments, often with multiple thousands of students and staff moving within large campuses and between different departments and sites.

Lectures, tutorials, and other commitments mean students are often on-the-go — and this is where Livewell’s grab-and-go refreshment solutions come into their own.

Add in the fact that the student generation is habitually used to technology and automation — the touchscreen functionality and contactless payments our solutions incorporate are something younger generations expect to see.

students at bolton college choosing drinks at a vending machine

Leading technology vending machines

With Livewell’s range of leading technology vending machines, coffee equipment and water coolers, they will not be disappointed. The increased takings of these high-tech vending solutions can help University finance teams to maintain a larger share of student spending on-site, rather than elsewhere.

Join many further education institutions and choose Livewell for all your fully-managed vending and coffee machine needs. 

coffee machine in a student residence


As well as the actual learning spaces, Livewell are also experienced at supplying vending and coffee machines at student accommodation sites. With varying patterns of study and social time, our solutions offer safe and convenient access, 24/7, to much-needed drinks and snacks.

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