Fully Managed Vending Services

Livewell has an excellent reputation for delivering a high quality fully managed vending service. With a breadth of product range, great designs and high-tech systems and equipment, our vending stations are popular with consumers across a range of sectors.

Underpinning Livewell’s operational and retail excellence is our hi-tech telemetry system that gives us remote access to all our vending stations via the cloud. This next generation automated vending, enables us to deliver an unrivalled quality of service. We call it Vetail® – where Vending meets Retail.

The Livewell approach – excellence in tech-enabled fully managed vending services


In Stock – live sales data and route planning software ensures product availability in machines


Top end equipment – latest machined with best reliability and feature rich technology with customer appeal


Reduced down time – remote fault alert system offering truly hassle free service


Eye catching designs – machines look the part in any setting and appeal to customers.


Contactless Payment systems – as standard


Product choices for all – broad range of refreshment options, tailored by sector and location, including healthier options.


Commissions – generous profit share mechanism delivering extra income


No Cost service – most machines are operated at no charge, only quiet locations may incur nominal service fee.


Client access – open access to real time data to report and audit sales and performance

For more details, see Why Choose Livewell®


This really is a hassle free vending service for clients – simply choose the vending stations you would like and we’ll take care of the rest. You, and everyone at your location, will have 24/7 access to a top quality automated shop. This is perfect for big businesses that don’t need the hassle of managing their catering, and are more than happy to relax, and leave the stress to us.


Livewell’s fully managed vending service is offered in many regions across the Midlands and North of England. To check your location and for a tailored proposal, look at the locations we service.


Combinations and Alternative branding

If space is limited, it is also possible to have a single vending machine that combines cold drinks and snacks in one unit. For this ‘combi’ vending station there are two additional branding options available;

Healthy Station

Our Healthy Station offers a tailored range of low calorie snacks and no added sugar drinks. Ideal for schools and hospitals, or to support a company push for healthy eating at the workplace.

Active Station

Our Active Station includes higher protein snacks and isotonic drinks. Ideal for gyms and also colleges and universities where higher energy products are in demand.

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