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Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Our Cold Drinks Vending Machines are perfect for locations with thirsty people looking for ice cold drinks on-the-go. Performance and concentration are improved by staying hydrated, and Livewell’s branded vending machine offers a great range of cold drinks which can be tailored to suit the location. For fully-managed customers, the colourful styling of this Station commands attention and will encourage people to stay hydrated and perform at their best.

Our modern and eye-catching cold drinks vending machines use an LED lit shop window with 45 selections. This 9” Touchscreen helpfully displays product and nutritional information with a handy basket feature for multi-item purchases. Our vending machines boast a speedy vend with market-leading speed of dispense utilising a modern ‘robotic arm’ delivery mechanism to keep your drinks from fizzing. Livewell also offers a range of payment options including contactless. Clients also have a choice of two vending machine solutions: Fully-managed, or Self-fill.

Get quick access to bottles or cans of your favourite fizzy drinks, low sugar fizzy drinks, water, juice, or flavoured milk. Have a look at our range of cold drinks below!

At a Glance…


LED lit shop window with 45 selections and capacity for 400+ drinks


Basket feature for multi item purchases, and a 9” Touchscreen with product and nutrition information


Speedy vend with market-leading speed of dispense, and a modern ‘robotic arm’ delivery mechanism


Drinks range is tailored to suit the needs of your location, including workplaces, schools, gyms and hospitals

Healthy Options

Excellent range of low and no sugar choices as standard for fully-managed customers

Fully-Managed Option

Eye-catching and modern Blue Sky design with contactless payment, and low sugar options as standard


Our drinks range is tailored to suit different locations, including workplaces, schools, hospitals and gyms with an excellent range of low and no sugar choices as standard, with a capacity for 400+ drinks. Livewell Vending Machines deliver a reliable refreshment solution that is completely hassle-free, even more so when you enjoy our fully-managed vending solution.  which is available across the Yorkshire district and the neighbouring vicinity including Leeds, Bradford, York, Kirklees and Calderdale, Tees Valley, Nottingham, Manchester, and Sheffield. When you go fully-managed we take care of absolutely everything in your cold drink vending machine so you don’t have to, including regular maintenance and replenishment.

This is also tailored to your organisation through our state-of-the-art telemetry system, that allows us to monitor a live feed of your stock input and output. Not only does this mean that your vending products are managed with the utmost efficiency, but we can tell you which products are popular and customise your machine as you go. Vending is such a convenient option to keep your workforce refreshed, and our fully-managed vending solution means you to receive all the benefits of your cold drink vending machine.

To learn more about our cold drink vending machines have a look below, or you can see the full range of machines on our support page.

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Bevmax 4 Media Touch

  • Market leading vend speed
  • Easy to restock
  • Reliable delivery of drinks.
  • Colour 9” touchscreen display offering
    • full-motion video that attracts and engages consumers
    • Easy browsing and selection
    • Suggestive selling and digital advertising
    • Shopping basket and checkout feature to purchase multiple items
    • Display of product and nutritional information

Bevmax 4 Classic

With a keypad selection in place of the touchscreen, the Bevmax 4 Classic has the same storage system and delivery mechanism and is available at a lower price.

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