At Livewell, we pride ourselves on having SMART vending machines. We want the vending experiences we provide to be convenient, easy, and of the best possible quality. Whether we operate or supply equipment, you can be confident it will be high quality and fit for purpose. We embed our machines with the latest technology to do just this. Key questions we ask when sourcing equipment;

Is it well built, durable and reliable?

Does it have latest technology and features to benefit customers?

Will it be easy to use and maintain with good manufacturer support?

Does it represent good value for money?


Read more about our SMART Vending Technology below, from how Touchscreens play a part in vending, what exactly a Telemetry System is, to the different Payment Options we can offer


Livewell’s systems, products and services have been developed with technological innovation at the core. This company wide mindset means we see ongoing technical developments as essential for success. The quality of our products mean they operate extremely effectively, and our customers appreciate the enhanced buying experience they go through when using Livewell machines.

touch screen vending machine


The modern way to shop

Whether it is buying a book from Amazon on an iPad, a train ticket at a station, or ordering food at McDonalds, using screens to shop is now the norm, and vending machines need not be any different. These touchscreens play a key part in making our SMART Vending Machines modern and easy to use. The touchscreens featured on Livewell’s vending stations offer more benefits than you may think:

  • Easy browsing and selection
  • Product and nutritional information
  • Basket feature to purchase multiple items
  • Clear usage instructions, as well as product offers and suggestions

Antimicrobial Film

Customers are now much more focussed on hygiene. By using equipment and accessories with the latest low and no touch features in our smart vending machines, Livewell will help you stay safe and well. SafeTouch is an 80 micron self-adhesive antimicrobial clear laminate. It is designed for surfaces where it’s important to minimise the spread of microbes. Incorporating a highly effective antimicrobial agent, zinc pyrithione, the application of this film protection delivers over 99.99% proven protection against the growth of a range of common bacteria, fungi and parasites



  1. Easily applied to touch screens and other contact points
  2. Highly effective antimicrobial agent
  3. Guaranteed antimicrobial performance for 3 years
  4. Over 99.99% proven effectiveness
  5. Fully resistant to heavy-duty and abrasive cleaning

telemetry dashboard


The transformational power of real-time data

At the core of our vending service is our real-time data collection telemetry system that allows you to monitor sales and performance remotely from your desk. This means that our vending stations are linked to the cloud to give us real-time access to what’s going on inside your vending machines, covering sales, stock and performance. This is truly what makes our smart vending machines smart. This live data output delivers a host of benefits;

Our telemetry system is installed as standard for our fully managed refreshment services allowing us live and remote access to our equipment. This is the optimal way to run a modern unattended retail business across remote locations. Our clients are also provided with a login to give them access to all the data for equipment we operate at their sites.

For self-managing clients, you too can have this smart technology! Livewell will install and set up the telemetry box inside your equipment and provide you the software and training to allow you easy access to live data. You will be able to run reports to reconcile revenue with stock and explore trends and performance over time to allow you to maximise sales.

  1. Live sales feed showing sales as they happen
  2. Real-time stock status to assist with refill scheduling
  3. Alerts for errors and events to minimise downtime
  4. Planogram analysis to improve product range and space
  5. Custom reports to analyse and quantify sales over defined periods
cashless payment on vending machine


The days of spinning coins are over

Whether your solution needs to accept payments by coins, notes and/or contactless payments, we can supply the hardware you need to integrate seamlessly with your equipment. Ever at the forefront of technology, Livewell Vending were early adopters of cashless payment methods. As such, the majority of our SMART vending machines and coffee sales at Livewell are contactless. We install these as standard on fully managed equipment as standard but we can also supply this to clients to use on self-operated vending and coffee machines.


The UK have been pioneers of contactless payments and it is now an option expected by consumers, especially since Covid. We can supply a range of contactless payment devices, our most popular being the Onyx, from the market leaders in payment devices, Nayax. This sleek contactless card reader is easy to fit and gives consumers a simple way to pay using a vast range of cashless payment options;

  1. Easy navigation with color touchscreen, imagery, & text
  2. Wide range of contactless payment types accepted
  3. Voice interaction, in local language, for easy understanding
  4. Compact, eye-catching design


Where payment by coin is required, it needs to be secure and reliable. The Gryphon Coin Changer has the most technologically advanced coin sensing technology to ensure fast and efficient coin acceptance, and change dispense, along with increased coin capacity to ensure change is always available.

  1. Faster coin acceptance with patented coin sensing technology
  2. Increased reliability with three motor system
  3. More tube capacity with 6 tubes providing 12% extra capacity
  4. USB connectivity for easy updates and configuration
  5. Wireless, on-site, connectivity for easy fault diagnostics and repair.

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