Types of Vending Machines

Livewell is an expert vending machine supplier, providing and operating modern, high-tech vending equipment and a high-quality service.  We provide a fullymanaged service at a reasonable cost in Yorkshire and the surrounding region including Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, York, Sheffield, Kirklees and Calderdale, Tees Valley and Nottingham or a Self-fill service right across the UK. Given the right solution, your budget will benefit from having these vending machines within your business.

Food vending machines

Food Vending Machines

Need to provide an unmanned 24/7 solution to supply a range of cold foods? We can do that! Want to provide a delicious hot food solution by combining carousel vending and access to a microwave? No problem!  Each provides a lower-cost solution compared to a manned alternative and can be provided on a fully managed or self-fill contract.

Alternatively, explore our all-in-one, customisable micro-markets which can incorporate everything from snacks and cold foods to coffees and hot meals. With a self-checkout kiosk, they are the perfect solution for providing 24/7 refreshment provision in a closed office environment to help support your catering services or to replace it in its entirety.

Sixth Form Vending Machine Installation

Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Whether you want to provide bottled water to keep staff refreshed or offer customers the opportunity to purchase a range of soda drinks on the go (including healthier options), our cold drinks vending machines are the perfect solution for schools, hospitals, gyms and offices.

The incorporation of SMART tech such as LED-lit shop windows, modern ‘robotic arm’ delivery systems, 9” touch screens with product and nutritional information and a multi-item purchase basket feature, make our cold drinks vending solutions both modern and eye-catching. Our machine can display a selection of up to 45 products and a range of payment methods can be incorporated including contactless and SMART phones.

Lavazza Coffee Machines

Automatic Coffee Vending Machines

Livewell Vending’s high-quality automatic coffee vending machines bring the coffee shop vibe to any location by delivering a high-street quality taste to a full range of coffee choices (including skinny and decaf options), all made with additive-free 100% dairy semi-skimmed milk powder or a vegan alternative and even a selection of syrups. What if coffee isn’t someone’s bag? A range of teas and hot chocolates are also available.

End-users can be provided with their hot beverages for free or various payment options can be incorporated, including coins and contactless payments, and all machines are easy to clean and maintain.

snack vending machine

Snack Vending Machines

Whether you want to make nutritious pick-me-ups available for customers or provide delicious treats for employees, our snack vending machines ensure the most reputable branded refreshments are conveniently available 24/7.

They have a bright and attractive design and the capacity to provide a wide range of products from Eat Natural bars to Walkers Crisps which can be suitably tailored to any location whether it is an office, school or gym etc…

SMART tech can also be incorporated such as contactless payment, a multiple-item basket feature and a 9” touchscreen with product and nutritional information for those who want a healthy choice or have specific dietary requirements.

Combined vending machine

Combined Vending Machines

Does your organisation have limited space or budget, or just have a modern requirement for refreshments? We have combined vending machine solutions which can be tailored to fulfil your specific requirements in terms of providing both leading branded cold drinks and snacks to employees or customers.

Full-managed or self-fill vending solutions are available depending on whether you want us to manage stock on your behalf or if you wish to purchase a machine outright for which we can provide the stock.


Who can benefit from our vending solutions? Our variety of vending solutions are perfectly suited to meet the needs of people within busy organisations seeking refreshments on-the-go. We can tailor our machines to suit schoolshospitalsoffices, hospitality and any other sector or location where a range of employees needs nourishment.

Bespoke Options

Our options are truly bespoke. Leasing or buying, managed or self-managedhealthy or comforting treats, it really is up to you. Not only that but we will customise our machines with a breadth of options if you so desire, including contactless payment and touch screen.

Service + Delivery

Take advantage of our expert team of reliable vending machine operators that manage and support the machines we provide. Fully-managed customers can use our high-level monitoring system as standard when they buy or lease their machines through us. 

Comfort Culture

We want to embed comfort culture in organisations with a workforce that need automated catering services either due to their size, or lack of access to quick and easy refreshment. Our services would be particularly beneficial to businesses with 50+ members.

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