Self-serve refreshment provision for the modern office

At Livewell, we provide fully-managed vending and coffee machines for offices.

Our premium refreshment services and products are extremely well suited to the modern office workspace — a safe, pleasant working environment that encourages teamwork and high performance. 

Following the inevitable changes to working arrangements resulting from the global pandemic, Livewell’s automated

solutions offer an ideal way for you to supply staff with high-quality food and drink in a way that is safe and low contact, without the need for staff to leave the office and queue up in busy high streets.

We also supply our services to an increasing number of shared business units, offering quality, safe communal vending and refreshment provision to all occupants.

Vitro coffee machine located on an office

High-tech vending and coffee

Our fully-managed vending and coffee machines for offices provide access on site to high-street quality hot drinks, something staff will look forward to each day and really appreciate, plus they save a fortune buying from chains

High-tech vending machines that not only look great, but are packed full with a contemporary range of refreshments, and include contactless payments.

Water cooler in an office being controlled by a smartphone app

Micro markets and water coolers

Micro markets offer a retail and cafeteria environment that is self serve and self checkout, delivering a low-cost solution for companies.

We supply water coolers that are sleek in design, providing cold, sparkling and hot water — all of which can be operated by a smartphone app.

Choose Livewell for fully-managed vending & coffee machines for office workspaces.

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