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The age of automation is upon us.

Whether at work, school, college or at leisure, people want easy access to refreshments on-the-go. With self checkout and contactless payments now the norm, automated and self-serve vending and retail is of its time.

Embracing the latest technology, Livewell provides modern, self-serve vending machines, stocked with a well balanced range of quality refreshments to meet the catering needs of customers in all sectors — workplaces, hospitals, schools, colleges, hospitality and leisure sites.

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For the supply of equipment, Livewell can provide installation, training and ongoing support to organisations across the UK.

For a refreshment service fully operated and managed by Livewell, we have the logistics to supply across Yorkshire and the surrounding area.

Learn more about our modern, automated and self-serve vending solutions where you are.

Sectors We Serve

Sectors we serve

We have vast experience across many sectors. Livewell can recommend and provide automated and self-serve vending and coffee solutions tailored to help you meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Livewell

We call it Vetail® – Automated retailing for the 21st Century.

From technology to branding and health to hygiene, Livewell are innovators. We are challenging industry norms to provide products and services that are distinctly different — meeting the changing needs of clients and end consumers alike.

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