Fully-managed vending machines and coffee machines for residential properties

At Livewell, we provide fully-managed vending and coffee machines for residential properties such as student accommodations which include Fontenoy Apartments (Liverpool), Symons House (Leeds) and Homes for Students.

Having these facilities within residential buildings and incorporating touchscreen functionality and contactless payments offers a range of benefits for both property owners/managers and residents. Here are just a few of the key advantages:

vending machine in residential property

Benefits For Property Owners/Managers

  • Additional Revenue Stream – helps to offset operational costs or even provide a new revenue stream
  • Minimal Labour Costs – reduces the need for additional staff or maintenance personnel compared to traditional retail spaces
  • Additional Benefits for Residents – conveniently makes food, drinks, and supplies available 24/7 which can differentiate the property from competitors and attract and retain residents
Vending machine in residential property next to pool table

Benefits For Residents

  • Convenience – having quick access to food, snacks, beverages, and necessities within the building 24/7
  • Healthy Products: Modern vending machines have the capacity to offer low-sugar, vegetarian and vegan options and can also display dietary and nutritional information
  • Hygienic Vending – SMART technology such as cashless payments (e.g. credit cards, mobile wallets) and non-touch selection means residents can purchase products with a minimal amount of contact with the machines
  • Emergency Supplies – basic toiletries, first aid items, and even phone chargers can be stocked, providing a safety net for residents in unexpected situations

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